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ICOs – Big Target For Hackers, E&Y Report

As the application Ethereum block chain, the coin has begun to become part of the world’s cryptocurrency.

When merging ideas, creative block chain technology, they can mobilize large amounts of capital, mainly by providing the initial coins (ICO), just like the first group that I listed publicly on the stock market.

The spread of the code lets investors look for the best next bitcoin, and the post Ethereum prices have skyrocketed in the past 12 months.

This has led to some of the large projects that ICO has received investment. But where there is wealth, there is a bond, the crime as a recent report hints, Ernst and young.

4 million dollars in two years

In the wealth of ten percent, all the income ICOS between 2015 and 2017 had been lost in ether or stolen at crypto Hacks. To put a figure on the money, we talked about 4 million dollars stolen because of the hacker.

In a hurry to attract investors, companies ignore the necessary precautions to protect themselves and investors from buying their cards.

Ernst and Youngs reported that in this period, there was a more ICO 372 to mobilize $3,7 billion. This is the “start” of a huge loan service, and it’s hard to surprise hackers looking for soft targets.

The report says that ICO is widely regarded as the experience of target software hackers:

“Hackers attract haste, the absence of centralized trading institutions, is an irreversible block chain and messy information. The founders project focused on attracting investors and safety often by hackers’ success, using ICO – wider publicity and more tempting attacks.

You don’t need to search the Internet to find your story ICO is hacked. Looking at the cointelegraph of the warehouse provides many examples.

It is reported that in August 2017, cyber crime increased and diffused Ethereum of the system, because smart contracts allow developers to create Ethereum block chains at the level of application.

The combination of this defect effect, like block chain Ethereum, causes the burden of access traffic from ICO or even more. If there is a tense event around the tank, when users search to make money in the project.

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