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Innovation For Traveling On Blockchain

Booking travel in the US has been basically dominated by two major companies, Expedia and Priceline (who own all the other major sites). But Blockchain technology is about to change all that through a new non-profit system offered by TravelChain. The company has announced that it will provide users a methodology for booking travel that …

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IBM Develops Preprocessing Block, Makes Machine Learning Faster Tenfold

International Business Machines’ (IBM) research laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland has developed a new generic preprocessing building block that could make the speed by which machine learning algorithms can absorb new information faster. Such development is expected to largely benefit the booming AI industry. According to IBM Zurich mathematician Thomas Parnell, they have developed …

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Apple Patent Filing Hints at Blockchain Use

Apple has recently submitted a new patent application that uses Blockchain within a prospective system for creating and verifying timestamps. Based on the public application to US Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday where Blockchain technology was used to certify timestamps as a program combined with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) tools. Apple’s application describes three …

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