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Six even before breaking your ico

ICOS like a wedding plan: a month, until one day, a big event. If there is no one to fight for, it will give you a lot of money. But with the world, the stock is high. A loss of all risks to you: flowers, wedding dresses, no reason, ether and 200 thousand dollars, your ICO commitment plan is a tough job. The destruction of work is very easy. One surprising thing is that some recent evidence of the project is smart.

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Next time, a chance

The six way to destroy your ICO is before you start. “If you have a shot or a chance to seize everything, do you want to catch it in a time, or just slide it?” Erc20 Eminem is one thing, and wrote a poem on maintaining perfect people. Some years ICOS 2018 apparently missed the memo, because they seem to shut ng connected I crowd.

On Monday, 14 /, one of the most critical of the ICO ads in many years is expected to be organized by the masses to create anchorage canals. After a period of rest, carnival, ICO has returned to an explosion, just like the crowd, the key is too much hope that the registration process takes place after 30 minutes, is a textbook case, how to make ICO.

Six ICO full circle of friends now put the price card installed before uth’s ng began selling 300%. Then the website was abandoned, and then the telegram group was flooded with pornography and spam by linking spam. When thousands of complaints fell into a chaotic sales transaction in time records, because the year was defeated in 2018, but experienced investors’ greedy heart. The key to the crowdsale massacre around is not the worst case of the collapse of its own year in 2018. In these examples, a ICO scupper has many ways.


You can’t read it in white paper or find their website, but crypto is not voluntary accession agreement with investors they are as follows: “we promise you that stock price is low enough, so you can put them in a simple profit when they are listed on an exchange”. Crowdsale is a balanced goal and protection of the interests of a team in the case of a team running.

Before six ICO scratches, you were even more than a few startdragonchain 0,07 ICO dollars over five dollars before October, only three months later. After knowing, they can double the price of the comfortable team to ask the code to be notified of the code not to be greedy. 0.50 dollars a token block chain exchange music, on the other hand, seems to be in a hurry. That is to say, the value of information can not code collection requirements from its price: the number and type of tokens casting project, must also be considered. Usually, you like the coinloan based cost of loans from 2 – $3 give a ICO code in the report period.


The difference in the copy of the blank project may be downright or subtle and you will get the busted. It happened in Dadi, and their team and their pants were arrested and the whole piece of sonm white paper was snatched. It also occurs in creation, even if the whole body is not detected after the reality. Although the reduction is really not exactly the fact that this revelation is actually a bit of total energy, it may not be a help – the chart should use ICO to warn any want to compete:

Let your ICO six scupper before even start


Do not start a project allocation unless it has a block chain used by a major airline.

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